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  • Lisa Okun

Looking back and looking ahead

As we reach year end, I find myself contemplative of the year that passed and looking ahead to the year to come. I’m sure many people are in the same state. I’m reviewing accomplishments, wins, where I fell short, how I can learn from those experiences and bring those learnings with me as I move ahead.

One goal that I set for myself in 2019, which was not achieved, was to bring you blog posts once per month! That didn’t happen, but I am re-committing to this goal for 2020. I want to bring useful, concise, easily digestible mortgage information that is relevant and helpful. There is so much advice available, I want people to know that they can turn here, have a quick read, and find information that will help and is reliable. To that end - if you have a topic that you’d particularly like to see covered, let me know! I write this for you, so tell me what you’d like to read about, and I’ll make it happen.

If we worked together in 2019, I want to thank you. I know you have so many choices in front of you when it comes to figuring out your financing, and I am so grateful that you chose to work with me. I am dedicated to making sure every client has an awesome experience with me. I will always respond to you promptly, answer your questions, and you’ll never hear me pressuring you to make a decision that you don’t feel comfortable with. I am here as your advocate and your hustler! I’m in your corner to make things happen. If you have feedback to share with me, please reach out!

Wishing you and yours a holiday season filled with warmth, good food, good people and good times.

Looking forward,


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